I remember chatting to a fellow mom when my son was born.  She said to me that I just need to hope that he is into ‘normal’ boy things.  Her son was a typical boy – he climbed trees, played with cars and balls etc.  The only thing was that his favourite colour was pink. She said it was so difficult to find ‘boy toys’ in pink.  If he wanted a pink car, it had to be Barbie.

This took me back to my own childhood where I played cars with my brother.  He had one maroon car that I played with.  When he played Barbies with me, his action figures were ‘his dolls’.

In today’s society we are a lot more open to boys liking pink and girls playing with cars.  When I started my online store, Bizi Kids, I wanted a store that catered to typical boys, typical girls and everyone in between.  It is with this in mind that I share these products with you – the toys that go beyond typical gender stereotypes:

  • Fairy Town train set from Big Jigs

This train set is perfect for girls that want to play with trains or boys who like both the colour pink and trains:

Fairy Town Train Set




  • Applewood Kitchen from Le Toy Van

Perfect for boys who want to be chefs or girls that don’t like pink.


  • Blue Moonlight Pram from Le Toy Van

Perfect for girls who like blue or boys that play with dolls.

Moonlight Pram

  • Castles

Effectively a Dolls House for boys or girls that would rather dream of knights and princess than pretty dolls houses.

Lion Heart Castle

  • Dolls with a difference:

Budkins cater for the usual fairies, families and princesses (which I sell) but Knights, Pirates, Firemen and patients go beyond the gender “norms”

Budkins – Firefighters

Budkins – Pirates


6) Rag Doll from Big Jigs

This cheeky Rag Doll is dressed in pretty pink with a dinosaur on her shirt – perfect for girls who like dinosaurs or boys who play with dolls.



As I grow my store, I will remain committed to gender equality and freedom… making sure that you will always be able to find toys and activities for “typical” girls, “typical” boys and everyone in between.

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